Why We Love Content Marketing (and You Should Too!)

Since the dawn of the digital age two decades, we have come a long way in our engagement with the web space. Huge amounts of digital content is now being consumed by people all over the world by means of their smart devices. E-newspapers, retail portals, blogs, video channels, social network spaces etc have each found their special place in day’s routine. In a fast-paced consumer market like this, how do modern day businesses get their message heard loud and clear? The answer is Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is about creating interactive content by means of which you can generate excitement, appeal to the emotions or address some specific needs of your target consumer and then offer to fulfil it with your product or service. Content marketing fosters deep interest, awareness and trust among the customers about your brand and leads them to the sales funnel in order to convert them into paying customers.

A good content strategy involves utilization of content of the highest quality and an efficient distribution strategy to market it and make it reach your target audiences. Here are some primary characteristics of what passes as good content:

  1. It is direct and authoritative
  2. The subject matter is familiar to the target audience
  3. It adds value to the customer’s knowledge or amusement
  4. Your business has direct relevance to the matter and corresponds to some requirement of the target user.
  5. It’s neither too lengthy nor leaves the audience wanting more

Here are a list of reasons why you should give your brand the aid of content marketing:

User Engagement

User Engagement

The primary aim of content marketing is to gain the trust of your target users and strengthen your relationship with people who are engaging with and sharing your content. When you manage to earn the interest of your consumers, pitching your products and services to them becomes an easy task. Make sure that the content you put out is relevant in some way to your business and appeals to your customers to ensure a high user engagement.

Brand Establishment

Brand Establishment

In a market competing for their audience’s attention, content marketing can prove to be a great way to move beyond the old marketing strategies and establish the brand in a fresh and powerful way. When you offer value added content to your users, you immediately set yourself apart from the competition and win the trust and engagement of your consumers. It is an excellent way to  establish your brand as a force to recon with in the industry.

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Wider Reach

Wider Reach

Traditional marketing methods and advertisements did give amazing returns at one point but content consumption in the present day happens primarily on the web space. Here too, traditional banner ads and pop-ups have earned themselves a bad reputation. Marketing, on the other hand, has taken a far creative and captivating path to become a part of their users’ daily experience. Content which engages and delights is directly associated with brands that earn the trust and patronage of their consumers.

Increase in Traffic

Website Traffic

Content Marketing when handled with expertise can help drive effective traffic to the website from different sources. Good quality content when posted on social media platforms and authority websites in the form of blog posts, audio-visual content, podcasts, newsletters etc can help generate followers, convert them into paying customers and further into active promotors of the brand.

Higher Conversion Rates

Leads Conversion

Content marketing is all about reaching out to targeted audiences and interacting with them. As a result of this, a brand manages to build a relationship with the users and convert them into faithful customers. With the modern methods of content management, you can test and optimise your website and collateral content for conversion in real time. Generating leads this way also costs less than a traditional marketing campaign.

Historical Evidence

Digital Marketing ROI

Right from the earliest forms of content marketing, be it The Michelin Guides to G.I. Joe Comic Books to BlendTech’s viral Youtube videos, content marketing has proved to multiply the ROI for a brand in pathbreaking ways. Although in the last few years low quality content has crowded and threatened to saturated the consumer market, good quality and relevant content still holds a lot of potential is taking your brand a long way up the ladder of success.


Author: NowFloats Team