What You Need To Know About Infographics

Infographics, in the recent times, have come to be the most interesting and engaging means of marketing online. The reason that can be attributed to such a success is the eye-catching nature of graphics and content along with the easy share-ability of Infographics since they appear in a simple image form. In any case, a user is more likely to read and share an infographic rather than a simple descriptive text on a web-page.

As per hubspot, 39% of B2B buyers said they frequently share infographics on social media (Hubspot). Why not then use our expertise and resources to better the quality of our infographics since they receive the most exposure?

Here is a checklist for you to tick off all content variants that make your Infographics a success with users.

  • Attractiveness

This is an obvious one. Infographics catch more eye-balls than plain text. When the content is appealing, it is more likely to be shared by users in their own social circles online. Use the various tools of text formatting, color infusion, images and graphs to make the reader curious as to what information is being displayed.

  • Relevance

Your content that is discussed in the infographic needs to be appealing to the user. It needs to be relevant and persuasive. It needs to cater to the interest of the user. People are more likely to share something if they find it interesting and engaging to read. The more engaging it is, the more back-links and traffic you’ll get, thereby increasing your ranking.

  • Quality

Quality is always the key when it comes to any kind of online visibility. The infographic needs to be both visually appealing and should contain some genuinely and interesting content. Keep the content highly relevant and to the point. It’s always a good idea to keep things topical. See if you can incorporate topics that are particularly trending at the moment in the market. They will capture more interest from the viewers and also increase shares.

  • Format

Besides a regular user, make sure the content is formatted well enough for a search engine too.

  1. Begin with the main Headline that serves as a title for the infographic.

 Here’s the challenge of using as little characters as possible in trying to grab people’s attention. You don’t want to crowd, the top of the infographic with too many loud letters since they end up looking over-whelming. At the same time, infographic should clearly and attractively state its importance and relevance through the headline. It is the first set of texts that reaches the user’s attention.

Here is a simple example

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  1. Below the title include a few short lines as a basic description of what you aim to do with the infographic.
  2. Body of the infographic should include various sections that include
  • Subtitles
  • Text descriptions
  • Images or graphs to support the information.

Check out this example of an Infographic -Social Media Usage by adults and teens that is conceptualized on the above-mentioned format.

Infographic example

These rules are not set in stone and you are free to experiment according to your own creative instincts, as long as you keep it clean and organized.

  • Contact Influencers

Influencers are those key-persons in the industry who have a wide reach to the general users and whose thoughts and opinions are well regarded. Using such mediums to float out your infographics can help you reach out to a wider audience and increase the visibility of your post. This also increases the chances of creating back-links to your page thereby improving site-traffic.

We can safely say that Infographics work as an efficient means of providing enhanced visibility and user-engagement. To miss out on such a relevant and useful tool would be to lose a major source and means of inviting traffic on your web-page. The more traffic you receive for your website, the higher is the rank. This checklist can thus help you a great in using the supremely fertile means of infographics to enhance your online marketing strategy.

Author: NowFloats Team