Top 6 statistics to consider before you build a website

Instead of dropping wisdom and bombarding you with pros and cons about having a website for your small business, we will tell you a story about your future customer. Her name is Dhara.

81% of internet users who do their research online before visiting a business in person: Dhara is a wedding planner. Her florist went out of business. She wants tulips for a big event. So, she goes to Google to find her future florist.

60% of SMBs don’t have a website: She searches for ‘Marigold Florists’ because her friend Rupaali says they are good. But they don’t even have a website.

86% of internet users who land up at a website want to see information about company’s products and services: Online search for her aunt’s florists leads her to a listing in an online directory. The listing has no pictures, which makes her doubtful about how rosy a partnership with ‘Rose-a-day’ florists would turn out to be.

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64% of visitors want to see the company’s contact information: Frustrated, she searches for ‘Tulip florists’. The first link has articles about horticulture and attractive pictures of tulips. But when she clicks on the ‘About us’ link, there’s just a phone number, without a physical address or any information about the owner. She leaves the website.

38% of visitors leave because of lack of engaging content: The next link leads to your website. She scrolls through your website’s relevant content and pictures. She sticks around and clicks on ‘About us’.

44% of visitors who will leave a website for lack of contact information: The ‘About us’ section has your complete address along with a phone number. She bookmarks your mobile-friendly website and decides to pay your business a visit.

Moral of the story: For potential consumers like Disha ensure you have a well-designed, SEO-optimized and mobile-friendly website that has your complete address and offers regular content updates about your products and services.

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Author: Vigil Viswanathan

Vigil has been assisting startups on marketing and inside sales for more than 4 years. Currently, he is working with NowFloats to drive the digital marketing strategy for India and International markets.