Sultan Ko SEO Pasand Hai: Kukreja Ji Drops Bass With His Aluminium Business Online

Remember who sponsored Salman Khan in the blockbuster movie ‘Sultan’? It may have slipped your notice but not that of the hundreds of fans who Googled “Kukreja Pressure Cookers” the minute they stopped whistling and clapping. As you can imagine, it landed on the site of one lucky Kukreja ji.

Sumit Kukreja is a smart businessman, He manufactures aluminium products and is based in Delhi. In order to be found by potential customers, he created an automated SEO enabled NowFloats website called For the sake of describing the multiple uses of his products, he used the phrase “Pressure Cookers” once. JUST ONCE. Who knew that it would change the course of his business so much?!

Perhaps the makers of ‘Sultan’ didn’t run a Google search before they put “Kukreja Pressure Cookers” as Salman Khan’s sponsors- and little did they know that it would land up in a real business!

Not everyone needs aluminium products in their daily lives. So usually, when he receives enquiries online, it’s specifically for aluminium required for construction or other manufacturing needs. Imagine seeing a sudden spike in enquiries, that too for pressure cookers!

When the film ‘Sultan’ was released, Sumit Kukreja took a trip to Bangkok. When he returned to Delhi, he started receiving endless calls about pressure cookers! He was clueless about what was going on until one movie-goer advised him to refer to the film. Because of this hilarious incident, Sumit Kukreja ended up catching the movie that he may have otherwise missed due to his busy schedule. And now he’s even considering expanding business into manufacturing pressure cookers- because why not? Perhaps Salman Khan will even endorse it.

There are 51 million SMEs in India and in all likelihood, Salman Khan cannot endorse all of them. Perhaps through his next hit film, he will end up picking another lucky winner. Until then, if anybody needs to become discoverable online, they must use Sumit Kureja’s “Sultan of SEO”. You can get your own automated SEO enables business website here.

Author: NowFloats Team