#NFCustomer – “We would receive one enquiry from our NowFloats website every day.”

We don’t have to call anyone.
Now, people call us to know about our offering.
– Prakash & Vandana, Jeremy Education Centre, Ahmedabad

About Jeremy Education Centre

Jeremy is a leading coaching institute for students who want to study abroad. They prepare for tests in areas like English, Mathematics, analytical and verbal skills. As such, they provide training for courses of management, engineering and any other, especially as testing for spoken and written English is essential. They also have the expertise in personality development.

Jeremy started in 2010 and have institutes both in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. Prakash stresses on their motto – Quality education. Result orientation. The reason why they are into personal coaching, which is a big attraction for students. As such, they do strict evaluation while enrollment and provided training based on each student’s strengths and weaknesses. They have a system of conducting regular meetings with the teachers to discuss each student’s growth and performance.

Vandana remarks that Jeremy is flexible with the requirements of the students – “It’s not they who change for us, it’s we who change for them.” They adjust their timings and have options of taking classes either early mornings or late evenings. They also regularly take classes on Skype – “Students are from across the globe. Japan. Africa. Singapore. Referrals. It’s a family.”

80% of the students who join them are through online search. Enrollment typically happens twice a year in September and January. They receive a lot of inquiries from March to October. From then onwards till February, it dips.

There is a lot of demand for their courses and at times it can be a bit of struggle to manage. Prakash points out, “We don’t refuse. But adjust timings. So it gets difficult to satisfy everyone. Courtesy one-on-one. People know we give one on one coaching. They also understand us.

The Manager – Prakash and Vandana Macwan

Prakash Macwan is the person who runs Jeremy, along with his wife Vandana, who has been teaching for 20 years. They worked for other institutes for some years and started their own institute focused on giving personalized coaching.

Their aim has to have a warm environment with their students and it comes across in the manner they speak about NowFloats as well. Their online reviews suggest that their students also have the same feeling. As Prakash mentions – “The wonderful thing about students – they think Jeremy is their 2nd home.”

Digital History

Jeremy learned about digital medium by being initially on listing portals. They have also tried their had at online advertising for inorganic search – “Everyone goes on Google and finds out who is better.”

In-between, we didn’t have a good experience with online advertising. I was looking for someone who could help us do it in a better way – “Discovered the NowFloats platform through which we could do this marketing.”

Jeremy Education Centre has its own website, which isn’t updated regularly – “There is more content on NowFloats than our own website. I want to integrate that with NowFloats.”

NowFloats Association

A GMAT student at Jeremy, who used to work at NowFloats, suggested using this platform – “Initially, I wasn’t convinced. Slowly, gradually, I enjoyed the experience with NowFloats. I understood that instead of depending on the 3rd party, I should do it directly.”

Prakash adds, “I understood that you have to continue with updates about your subject. And slowly and gradually you can see that your visibility is increasing.”

Prakash who is extremely busy managing Jeremy was more than happy to have NowFloats take care of their digital marketing needs – “I just want to focus on one – NowFloats”.

Prakash is clear that when he had paid for something, he wants the returns. After initial hiccups with NowFloats, he is now extremely satisfied – “This is great that you approach customers and satisfy them in the manner they require.”

NowFloats Influence

Jeremy receives a lot of inquiries and calls, especially in their peak March – October phase and credit NowFloats for same – “We would receive one inquiry from our NowFloats website every day. In the lean period when our intake is low, it is lesser”.

Prakash believes that the updated website has reduced effort on direct selling, as their online ranking has continued to improve – “My speaking has become less, my selling has become less. Already half of my job is done by NowFloats.”

They also appreciate the difference with online directories, as NowFloats platform showcases Jeremy in entirety – “With others, when you respond to the queries, you need to explain in detail and pitch hard, as the same inquiries are with others as well. I don’t have to call them. Now, they call me to know about the courses.”

One aspect that Jeremy is grateful for is NowFloats support – “One thing I like about NowFloats – cooperation. They immediately approach us.  In no time, they are with us to resolve issues. They will update me with developments, suggest solutions and this is what I really like about the Ahmedabad team.”

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The fact that our team has kept them abreast of latest innovations and pushes them to utilize them has been beneficial for them. Vandana makes an insightful point about how the easy process helps her find extra meaning by posting relevant content – “I know that I am doing something for the company. Reaching out to customers, who are looking out for us, and this way we can serve them.”

Jeremy also provides a tribute to NowFloats of being authentic, which they value highly – “You approaching us. You are not after money, per say. You want to give us service. The way you talk and come to us. The way you want to help us. Someone who is worried about us. Helping us to grow. That’s the beauty of it. There is a bond I can see. And we feel like a family. We also work like that.”

NowFloats Usage’

Prakash is the main person who posts content, along with Vandana. They also have a teacher, who does the job, but first, needs approval from them for the content to be posted. They utilize the social networking simultaneous post feature – “Very handy. In one shot, we are reaching to so many customers.”

Vandana adds, “We started getting calls. An ex-student, who wanted to be coached again contacted us by seeing a Facebook update.”

They find updating very easy and convenient, and it takes about 3 minutes to do so. Vandana uses her mobile to update and finds it handy – “I update when kids go to sleep. It can be late at 1 am or as early as 5.30 am. I also take classes in Baroda and do it while traveling in the bus. I am not techno savvy with the laptop or the desktop and find the mobile app very good. It’s very easy to get used to.

NowFloats Service

Jeremy is highly impressed with the service they receive from NowFloats – “I like the teamwork, which you have. It’s wonderful. They work hard for us to do better. The best thing is that your support staff is always there. Whenever we have any issue or problem, we call them and it’s done. Our main concern is our business should not go down and that’s never gone down. We have mailed RIA and received an immediate response.”

Prakash adds, “The team at NowFloats say ‘If you have a problem anytime, call us’, and they respond immediately. They come over in no time, and never say no. This is what I like about NowFloats people.”

Jeremy Education Centre had attended one of the events that NowFloats had organized in Ahmedabad,  and came back more impressed than ever. Prakash smiles as he recounts – “I came up with so many questions. I just attended and all the questions were resolved, you know. The three speakers gave us many inputs. We could see our dreams coming true. While explaining, the queries were being resolved. Something wonderful. You have a good team. We like it.”

It is a sheer pleasure when someone backs you up and believes in you. Jeremy belongs to that special league. NowFloats will keep doing what we have done admirably till now – interacting with them regularly, and Jeremy will keep updating and get visibility as they have.

Author: NowFloats Team