#NFCustomer – “We saw quick visibility in less than a month. NowFloats is a boost for my business.”

Shalom designs floatation pods and rooms, branded as Relaxo. They have customers in Pune, Bangalore and Delhi who have set up novel floatation spaces. Shalom also has a pod of their own in Pune, where people come and experience the benefits of the unique flotation therapy. Shalom’s daily requirement of easy and constant updates is now being met by the NowFloats product, including auto sharing of posts to their Facebook page. They have also signed-up for the add-on package called NowFloats WildFire for inorganic leads and are generating a good response.

Shalom claims that their online visibility has improved after signing up with NowFloats. Frequent update said in a high ranking on Google and has enabled leads for them. Binny says ‘We are a fan of the service provided by NowFloats and RIA (Relationship Intelligence Assistant), which provides regular information about site performance and takes care of all the queries.” Shalom’s end goal is to increase awareness of floatation therapy. Signed up for three years with two websites focused on the business, they are utilizing our fruitful partnership at its best to gain new customers and reach new shores.

“Advantages bahut saare hai. Important features Integrated platform hai.”
(There are many advantages. The product integrates various important features)

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Author: NowFloats Team