#NFCustomer – 80% of my online business is from NowFloats

“Online se mera jitna bhi business aata hai, uss mein 80% NowFloats se aata hai.”

Auto SEO achha laga, tabhi maine join kiya. Returns mil raha hai.
(I liked the Auto-SEO feature. That is why i signed up. I get good returns)

About D9 Zone
D9 Zone has been in the business of graphic designing for over ten years. They help a brand advertise and develop its identity by providing various design services. D9 Zone also delivers services in the areas of website designing and event advertising.

Their core strength is developing logos, chiefly, 3-D logos, where they have built a strong reputation for excellent output. It’s one area that drives their interaction and leads to more business with the customers.
Shrikant throws some light – “30-40% of our business comes from 3D logo design. Rest follow through.”

When D9 Zone started in 2010 they received leads through referrals in the beginning. Now online is an important arm of their marketing.

Shrikant gives an interesting account of the name of his firm. They initially came up with Dark Zone and Designer Zone. However, they changed it to D9 Zone. As they were offering 9 services and had 9 people in the team. Besides, there was an angle of astrology – “Hindu Shastra mein nine lucky gina jaata hai.”

They follow a diligent process while designing a logo. D9 takes a 4-page brief, which gives them clarity on preferences of the client like typography, colors, and shapes. Then, they discuss the process of execution and on follow-ups provide a service of unlimited editing.

The Manager – Shrikant Solanki
Shrikant has been driving D9 Zone since 2010 and has led them on a path of success. The focus on 3D logo has paid dividends under his vision. They are not only considered great in designing 3D logos but this eventually leads to more business.Shrikant currently manages D9 Zone with the help of four designers and is leading the business with extra attention on the digital medium.Presently, the core of their business arises from Ahmedabad but they are keen to grow further in Gujarat. On the other hand, they have done work for overseas clients as well.

Digital History
D9 Zone has been advertising online right from its inception with a good response, though they were not doing it regularly or in big amounts – “Shuru se online ads karte rahein, thoda bahut. Phir NowFloats use karna shuru kiya.” (We used to run Online advertisements. Then, we started using NowFloats)

D9 Zone has also been present on other listing platforms, from where they receive queries. Their online leads have increased over time. Today, between offline and online, D9’s business is at 50:50. NowFloats has played its part, but they also have their own website and being on directories has helped.

Thanks to their foray on the Internet, they have grown their influence even outside India.  As per Shrikant, the overseas contribute 5-10% to their business. All the interaction happens offline and they have had a smooth ride.

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NowFloats Association
D9 has had a very good experience since coming on board in September 2015.Managing their content by themselves on their own website with the auto-SEO technology is something they value a lot, and the results show – “Online hum kharcha sirf NowFloats par hi karte hai.” (We only spend on NowFloats when it comes to our online business spend)

NowFloats Influence
Shrikant points out the reason for joining NowFloats, which is going great for him .He is extremely satisfied with NowFloats.

Their visibility has been potent. The ranking has always been on the top end for over 1.5 – 2 years. Shrikant gives the biggest evidence of the gains that D9 Zone has made with NowFloats.
D9 Zone uses the NowFloats Boost app on their mobile to update content, which takes less than 2 minutes. They feature on the first page of search engines and aim at updating once every week.Another positive from the features we provide – Shrikant is happy posting content on the social networking site through our end.

Author: NowFloats Team