#NFCustomer – “Number one rank on Google. More than 100 messages every day. 200 visitors every day.”

NowFloats has given us a broader platform. We have been able to explore possibilities. It is a very convenient way to meet your goals.
– Harsh and Priyanka, Career Express, Ahmedabad

About Career Express

Career Express is a young institute established in 2015 with a focus on state and central government competitive exams. They are especially adept at providing coaching for various defence exams. Some of the specific exams they cater to are NDA, CDS, AFCAT, UPSC.

Print advertising (posters and banners) play a big role in promotion of their institute. It works better typically students come from near about areas. Their spend on print is about Rs 2 lakhs. They spend less on digital promotion, which also makes a difference. However, many students come from far and wide from Gujarat for coaching of NDA, since they have built the reputation of being the best.

Harsh who is the founder of Career Express is proud of their results – “Last year 7 students cleared NDA. 22 constables for PSI exam.”

The Manager – Harsh Mohan

Harsh Mohan started this institute, was a geography teacher and taught in many other academies. He figured that it would be better if he charted his own territory.

Initially, he faced a lot of challenges and got help from other institutes who provided a free room to him to teach. He has spent his childhood and done his education in Balachadi, Gujarat. Yet, he had problems in starting up – “I faced a lot of difficulty. Being North Indian, non-Gujarati.”

Harsh drives Career Express with his zest and vigor. Priyanka, an important faculty member also plays a critical role in teaching and managing the affairs of the institute.

Digital History

Career Express has been active on listing portals. Facebook is another medium where they are active. However, their main foray is through the NowFloats website. It has all the information about their coaching curriculum and they try to update regularly.

The online contribution to their business stands at 20%.

NowFloats Association

On board since January 2016, Career Express depends on NowFloats to represent their best self to the world of the students.

Career Express appreciates how the local team assisted them – “They provided us the platform to showcase the NDA aspect, and made it the number one in Ahmedabad online.”

They are extremely proud of their strong online presence, which happened in one and a half months after joining us.

NowFloats Influence

Career Express is happy about the big number of visitors they receive on NowFloats website, which turns out to be more than 5 lakhs. They also receive inquiries – “Our graph is growing on and on. The website is in the top position in defence position. So many people are coming, we should be able to contact them.”

They list down the positives of being NowFloats – “Number one rank on Google. More than 100 messages every day. 200 visitors every day.

Harsh points out in a light-hearted manner the challenges of receiving so many visitors – “I try to keep my phone on silent as I keep getting the message – good news, this person landed on your website. All through NowFloats – good news…good news…

Career Express also acknowledges the things that they have gained – “NowFloats has given us a broader platform. We have been able to explore possibilities. It is a very convenient way to meet your goals.

NowFloats Usage

Career Express use both – the Boost App on the mobile and the Management Portal on the web. They also moved to the new design and they expect more from it.

Career Express updates when they have time and try to be regular with the aim of making 50 updates every week – “If we are short of time, then one day we will spend 2-3 hours and keep updating.”

It takes them about 10 minutes to post content. They say they are stringent on doing one-line updates. They talk about numerous opportunities, which takes time and also give career advice – “We are not product sellers. We provide service. So we need to provide all sorts of information. Not just talk about Career Express.”

Priyanka is the person who updates the website and Career Express also utilizes the social network post feature. The update mechanism is very convenient for them and they don’t use analytics – “The weekly report comes to us anyway through email. Through messages, we get to know the number of visitors landed on our site.”

NowFloats Service

Career Express is aware of how our platform operates and appreciate our support a great deal, which they feel will only improve – “The best thing about NowFloats is service. They are very polite.  Others just do business and go out. NowFloats have humanity.”

They value qualities of regular engagement and in our ability to understand their requirements – “The local team is always ready to listen. He meets us. At times, even takes the heat from us but he and the entire team handle us in a very good way. The reason we are going forward. The basic thing is to meet your customer. NowFloats does it.”

Suggestions and Expectations

Harsh feels strongly about having an inquiry form, which he believes will help us become a better quality provider. This is a first step for them to invite the student to their institute to have a chat.

Harsh says, “We have already recommended NowFloats to others. Very easy way to get online visibility. Also very easy to update – put text and photos.

He adds, “The future with NowFloats looks very good. If NowFloats brings something new, then we can do more business. Should be relevant to mine.”

Career Express believes and relies on NowFloats. NowFloats is their main dais on the digital medium. With an extremely strong online presence, NowFloats would keep interacting with them to strengthen the relationship further.

Author: NowFloats Team