#NFCustomer – If we get even a single customer from NowFloats, we get referrals from them

“NowFloats se order aatein hai. Ek customer bhi aa jaye, usse aur referrals mil jaate hai.”

Established in 2011, Bird Nest Interior with an access to a wide network of skilled labor, has had a steady growth with a focus on delivering great service and commitment to timelines. They do office projects but their dominant work occurs in residences of people working in the IT industry. Considering the omnipresence of Internet, it was imperative that Bird Nest Interior situated in the IT capital had to create a strong online presence. With about 2 years on the NowFloats platform, they are looking forward to continue the strong relationship.

Bird Nest Interiors’ desire to find new customers is being fulfilled through the NowFloats platform. In addition, the NowFloats’ intricate system of updating content on their website enables them to post the same on Facebook, which makes their digital management more effective. Bird Nest Interior have a considerable web presence thanks to their effort to keep content fresh and relevant. Besides, the ease of sharing information through social networks has given them more avenues to communicate to their audience.

“Jo chal raha hai NowFloats ke saath, woh sahi hai.”
(What’s happening on NowFloats, that’s amazing)

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Author: NowFloats Team