#NFCustomer – There’s no limits for our SEO on NowFloats. That is why I like the product

“NowFloats par SEO ki koyi seema nahin hai. Is liye mujhe aapka system kaargar laga.”

R. D. Upadhyaya runs the popular Tattoo Baba Art Factory in Jaipur. He is an astrologer at heart and travels the globe to provide consultancy for spiritual well-being. He sells gemstones through Astrolabs. The most satisfying aspect for Tattoo Baba Art Factory has been the fact that their presence is highly visible.

Tattoo Baba finds NowFloats effective as they update content on their own, which has helped them achive top ranking on Google. The positives with the product made Tattoo Baba extend their relationship with NowFloats, and have led them to promote their other business as well.

“Sabse bada positive – yeh SEO value for money hai. Yeh achhi cheez hai.”
(This product is the best in terms of ROI as well. That’s a great thing)

Author: NowFloats Team