#NFCustomer – “Not all the visitors on my site are customers, some of them are competitors who are wondering why I have such a high search ranking.”

Ajay Gupta is an insurance consultant who manages a team of insurance advisors based out of Bangalore. Updating and maintaining his NowFloats site has become routine for Ajay. Having renewed for multiple years, he’s glad that he has no external dependency to manage his website.

NowFloats has been a very cost effective tool for an individual like Ajay, bringing him great ROI over the years. “NowFloats Boost is a great app for individuals and freelancers, that would certainly enable similar people in smaller cities.”, says Ajay.

“It took some time for my search results to improve, but I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to miss out on a fascinating piece of technology like NowFloats.”

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Author: NowFloats Team