#NFCustomer – When in need, these guys swoop in like the genie from Aladdin

“Kabhi bhi kuch help chahiye, toh Aladdin ke jinni ki tarah turant aa jaate hain

Prakshal IT Academy offers certified and professional training to students on cloud computing, big data, and other software related areas. Prakshal IT Academy has NowFloats websites for all of their 17 branches across India. Shyam praises the support from the local team and says, “They are just a phone call away.”Local SEO and business website for businesses request a demo here

Shyam has received 85 leads and is delighted with NowFloats. He adds that he ranks on 1st page of Google search for 47 keywords. Satisfied with the experience, Prakshal Academy has renewed their subscription for all 17 websites.

“Students find us online, in all 17 locations!”

Author: NowFloats Team