#NFCustomer – Whichever cities I wanted to target, I’m able to see our presence there

“Jo bhi  cities mujhe target karni hai, wahan mera presence NowFloats se dikh raha hai.”

Mehjal Adhesive, one of Gujarat’s leading adhesive manufacturers, offer an exhaustive range of tapes for all sorts of industries. With their ambition to focus on their line of branded products in the coming time, they not only want to be in the spotlight in the Indian market, but across the globe as well.. Mehjal signed-up with NowFloats after an evaluation of its current customers and their performance. They appreciate how NowFloats stands out among other digital players and value the positives like having a domain, focus on discovery and no limitation on keywords.

Mehjal has experienced strong online visibility resulting in an increase in online enquiries. The leads that they received are spread across different regions, this helps them in reaching out to new customers. Considering the value Mehjal provides with international standard products, they now are inching towards getting the attention of the international market. Impressed with the results of the NowFloats product, Mehjal Adhesives have taken five more locations to spread their reach.

“NowFloats mere sales executive ko replace kar raha hai. Normally hum cold calling ke liye ladke rakhte the, woh ab hum nahin rakhte.”
(NowFloats has replaced my Sales Executive. Normally, we cold-call people, we don’t do so anymore)

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Author: NowFloats Team