#NFCustomer – “From day one, I understood how NowFloats could be beneficial for us. They do location based SEO and are a very different platform. It had a lot of potential for us.”

One of Ahmedabad’s leading travel company, Tourient delivers customized tourism packages with a commitment to providing great service and value for money. With their core audience on the web, 90% of their business comes online. Tourient targets customers across India, and foreigners who are keen to visit India Starting with the first website in January 2016, Tourient saw the benefits of the NowFloats platform and went with more locations in our country and abroad to reach customers in specific cities.

Tourient now has better access to the audience they are addressing across regions. Ankur who believes that a solution like NowFloats can work for many, points out, “The visibility is improving. Ranking keeps increasing. For foreign locations, we are getting a better response.” Tourient, with a goal to be among India’s leading travel companies, now have numerous websites with locations both abroad and in India. “NowFloats is our key partner. We have been doing very well with them. We hope to emerge on a larger scale in coming years.”

“NowFloats has a unique technique, a unique platform. It enables businesses. They are giving a weapon. It’s now up to you to how to use the weapon.”

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Author: NowFloats Team