#NFCustomer – There’s a difference after using NowFloats. Our Website has visits now; the product is worth using

“Farak pada hai. We have got hits on our website. Worth hai.”

Raj Biosis is a dominant player in the In-Vitro Diagnostics wholesale market. With footprints already in foreign markets, they are spreading their reach both in India and abroad with a focus on retail. Happy with the fact that there is no limit on posting keywords to help SEO, they appreciate that NowFloats also helps them reach their email subscribers and social media followers, which saves them precious time to market themselves.

Raj Biosis has forayed into new territories including customers from South India. As NowFloats doesn’t segregate customers, they are banking on the NowFloats website to fulfill their ambition of making a strong presence in retail business. Bhupender believes that NowFloats is an ideal vehicle to promote not only his business, but also be a window to all their products and services. They wish to invest more resources to utilise the platform in order to gain further traction in the online world.

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“Customer directly lands on our site. Humein yahin chahiye.”
(Customer directly lands on our site; we wanted this)

Author: NowFloats Team