#NFCustomer – The feature that suggests us keywords to use, is amazing. Most of our enquiries come from NowFloats.

“Auto keywords search feature, woh bahut hi achhaa hai. Most enquiries come through NowFloats.”

Manufacturers of custom-made products through laser technology, Laser Crafts builds unique goods that are exclusive. They cater to people who appreciate the aesthetics of craftsmanship. Laser Crafts entered into digital marketing with NowFloats. Rajneesh points out, “Jab humne updates kiye, humne paaya ki humari site top par aa gayi hai.”.

The auto-SEO feature, with no limit on words, has helped Laser Crafts by saving their expenses on other media. Getting direct leads through their NowFloats site has been a huge advantage. Regular updates by Laser Crafts have resulted in strong online presence and enquiries, which has encouraged Rajneesh to strengthen their relationship with NowFloats.

“NowFloats gives you fast results. Thodi si mehnat par upar aa jaatein hai.”
(NowFloats gives you fast results.A little work goes a long way)

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Author: NowFloats Team