#NFCustomer – Who can understand their business better than them self?

“Aapke dhande ko aapse achhaa kaun jaan saktaa hai?”

Incredible Solution is a reseller of UPS and inverters to multinational corporations in National Capital Region. Kamlesh believes in managing the site himself – he adds products, and updates regularly. It took about four months for his NowFloats site to rank higher on search results, but once it did, it has never gone down.

Kamlesh gets 25-30 calls every month, and knows that they come through the NowFloats platform. Incredible Solution has signed-up for 3 years, which highlights their success with the NowFloats platform.

“I meet so many people who don’t know me, par woh mujhe Google se jaante hai. Thanks to NowFloats.”
(There are so many people who recognize me through my website on Google searches, who do not know me personally – Thanks to NowFloats)

Author: NowFloats Team