Location based ads for offline stores : Are they worth the hype?

There is no doubt that location based search ads on Google and Facebook can help you attract more customers, but how can you tell if it is worth the return on your investment? Is it possible to gauge the overall success of your local Search Engine Marketing (SEM Ad) campaign and measure the effectiveness of an Search Engine Marketing service provider?
You may be surprised to find that there are several ways and very specific indicators to help you better determine if your local SEM campaign is worth the return on investment.

Local Search Ad Campaigns versus Local Search Optimization

Local Search Ads are a very useful method to drive quick and substantial traffic to your business. However, this is a short-term tactic and maintaining ads is an ongoing expense. If your store is fairly new, or just starting to develop an online presence, a Local Search Ad campaign makes a lot of sense. It is also useful to drive local walk-ins when there is no seasonal demand.
To get a steady stream of calls and walk-ins to your store, you need to go for a location based search engine optimization (SEO) service which will serve as a long term strategy. It will work if you keep posting latest offers, deals and information about your store on the website.

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Ad-Campaign Performance Reports

A good Search Engine Marketing  provider will keep you in the loop as to how much new business and revenue is being generated. These reports can be used to compare increases in sales, traffic, inquiries and conversion rates before an after the campaign. Bringing in more traffic to your website or leads for your store is important, but converting those leads into sales is the ultimate goal. Having a good knowledge of your past performance and what your sales looked like before implementing a local search ad campaign will help you determine whether your efforts are successful or not. A great performance report will give you granular information of clicks, calls generated and impressions on your website.

Cost versus Benefits

While conversion rates, vary across business categories, a fine tuned local Search Engine Ad campaign typically outweighs it’s costs. Also, what may work for one store, may not work for others in the same industry at another location. In all cases, it is best to get a Local SEO package with a short-term Ad top-up from an agency. There are best practices and valuable insights which will help you realize value for every dollar in this way. In case you decide to go for a Local Search Engine Optimization only, it may take a little time to build momentum but will surely pay off in the long run.

NowFloats Wildfire

NowFloats Wildfire is a great solution for stores who want to generate quick and substantial leads from people in their city. It guarantees direct calls from customers to your number through an extensive Ad Network optimized for local search. All organic visits, calls and Ad traffic is tracked and sent as a weekly performance report to the business owner. They also receive an instant SMS about every call connected, missed and business inquiries coming their way through the website.
Compared to other providers, Wildfire is an automated product and can be setup in less than 24 hours of activation. This happens because of NowFloats is a Premier SMB partner with Google and optimizes a businesses ad spends using an automated keyword algorithm.Thus, setup is almost instantaneous. Wildfire will start sending weekly performance reports as your campaign progresses.

Here is an actual report from Exide Power Centre in Hyderabad

Wildfire has flexible top-ups, and works in a very easy manner. Business owners do not need to know anything about technical terms to manage or optimize their ad-campaign. In simpler words, NowFloats Wildfire helps you to gain more customers in your city, effortlessly. Sign-up for a demo now! 


Author: NowFloats Team