“I Fell In Love On The Internet, And With The Internet”: How Orkut Changed Kannan’s Life

When Kannan’s grandmother died, his mother received an inheritance of twenty thousand rupees. The first of four siblings, Kannan was one of the few in his family to finish college and had taken the monumental step of enrolling into MBA. So the money was used to buy him a desktop computer.

Kannan’s father, a tea shop owner, had always put his children’s education first. The only time Kannan saw his father cry helplessly was when Kannan had to help him with a task as simple as filling up a bank challan. Even through several academic stumbles, Kannan was motivated to make something of himself, and in 2009, he entered the magical world of the internet with his first Gmail ID. 
You know what they say about young adults on the internet- they “waste a lot of time”. And they are never prepared to face the side effects of social media. Kannan was not very different on that count. When a friend introduced Kannan to Orkut, Kannan sent out a bunch of friend requests to everyone, a whole lot of whom were girls, and one who would turn out to be the love of his life. 
12 July 2009

Kannan remembers this day with such clarity. The girl he had sent a friend request to, did not accept it, but spoke to him over messages. Eventually, they decided to chat over GTalk. They hadn’t seen each other, but they were engrossed in their conversation. As they got to know each other, something bloomed beneath the surface. On 12th July, she told him something that he never imagined would hear from her- “I love you.” It was a two-way street. Kannan had found his Neethu. 
When Kannan gave his phone number to her, she mulled over it and promised to call him some time. But when she did, both Kannan’s internet and his cell phone stopped working temporarily. Trust network connectivity to give up at the wrong time! Imagine having told a man that she loves him, but not being able to reach him right afterwards? It was the beginning of a long list of hiccups that Kannan remembers fondly, only for their high Drama Quotient!
1 January 2010

A minute after midnight, when people still hadn’t caught their breath from screaming “Happy New Year!” among themselves, Kannan’s inbox rung up an attachment that left him in deafening silence. It was a picture- Neethu had sent him a picture of herself and some of her friends. “Find me,” she had teased. And Kannan was left staring at every face in the picture, trying to find the one the voice in his heart belonged to. 
(He did find it… Eventually!)
8 May 2010

A little shy of “Ja Simran, Ja”, this day was straight out of a Bollywood romance. Neethu had just finished her exams and was longing to meet Kannan. While she was in Kerala, Kannan was in Chennai. Kannan had said “Maybe you should come visit,” which, to everyone’s shock, Neethu took seriously. 
Without letting anyone know, she boarded a train to Chennai. And off she went. 
Back at Neethu’s place, her entire family turned the world upside down trying to find her. It wasn’t until they snooped through her mailbox (and read every single message she had ever sent to Kannan), did they reach out to him and told him that she must be on her way. 
At 5 am on 8th May, Kannan received Neethu at the railway station, and sat with her until her father came to pick her up. When he met her father, he said to him “Your daughter will be 18 in a couple of months, I’ll come for her then.”
But it took Kannan over a year to convince both families, and then they were engaged in 2011. 
The beginning of the next leg

Kannan was adamant about building a house before he married Neethu. Even though it was early days in his career, he didn’t shy away from taking a sizeable bank loan to build the most loving 4 bedroom house in his hometown in Kerala. It meant that he had to wait another year and a half to marry the love of his life, but he pulled through. 
On 26th December 2012, he finally married Neethu. Today, their drama days are done, and they’re a full house:

The NowFloats family would like to wish this lovely couple a very Happy Anniversary. They discovered their love online, even though they only wanted to live it offline. It’s just the way we do things around here!

And for Kannan, he’s not done falling in love yet. He has a life-long tryst with both his wife and the internet. He deliberately chooses to work in the area that he does- enabling everyone with the internet, because he knows how it can change one’s life for the better. 

Author: NowFloats Team