How did SEO’s importance change over the last two years?

People have dramatically increased content consumption on the internet over the past two years. The social networking websites where this increase is most visible (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube) doubled down on content along this time and, there is a positive correlation with capturing and retaining the attention of the viewers. Needless to say, this strategy seems to be hitting the home run.

Read on to see key marketing trends in 2017 and what it means for a business owner.

55% of global internet users go directly to the product publication/seller’s website, while this count was only 22%, two years ago.

This means having a business website is not a privileged option anymore but a necessity for a business. Having your business website shoots up your credibility and updating it periodically can be beneficial.

76% reach out to articles which seem interesting on Facebook, which translated to a 57% increase over the last 2 years.

These browsing habits reflect the need for distributing your content over the internet using different platforms. While hosting all your content in one place, will make it easy for consumers to find the information easily, distributing content on Facebook or Twitter will ensure higher visibility. Eg: NowFloats has a social syncing option to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ simultaneously with the website.

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44% of the survey respondents access websites and content using devices running on mobile OS. 48% of global internet users consumed content by reaching the page through mobile notification, while this count was only 14% two years ago.

It is super important for your website to be mobile friendly. Your technology stack must be responsive to mobile browsers to enable easier navigation, which will ensure higher retainability considering the content quality remains same.Unsurprisingly, people who use smartphones as primary devices are more likely to want content notifications via email or push messages. NowFloats website has an option for interested users to subscribe to your website and every time you post, they get an email with the update!

To see how these statistics help your business :
Ask these questions: Is your website mobile-optimised? Does it load super fast? On low bandwidth (which is mostly the case in India)? Does your mobile site have easy-to-find calls to action (pun intended) – like making a call to the local business? Does your website allow you to measure social media’s Key Performance Indexes? Which social media channels are attracting the most number of unique viewers? Ask yourself if you’re catering your content to retain them and if you’re offering an option to sign up for mobile notifications? Are you writing content that is suitable for the said platform and are you writing informative content that will retain the visitors?

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Complete report: Hubspot Reports

Author: NowFloats Team