Get Online…Get Discovered…

We take great pride in our diverse customer base and the fact that they love us! Name a trade and we have a customer – want to know how we make it happen?

Small businesses rely on word-of-mouth publicity to get the word around, but in a world where people prefer to talk to their phones before they ask their friends for a dinner reservation recommendation – small business owners have to choose between jumping on the bandwagon or be left behind.

For SMEs, the long-term negative impacts of not having a business website are obscured by these two factors:

  1. Lack of awareness of how a website can be a helpful marketing strategy
  2. Questions of affordability and ease of use

Whether you’re selling high end luxury cars, or peddling tea and biscuits from a stall; we at NowFloats believe it’s the vendor’s USP which makes them a favourite with their regulars. When you run a business website, we believe that it should offer a glimpse of how you run things at your store. These personalised experiences are the reason why our services are popular with vendors, but also with customers.

NowFloats is committed to the cause of making small businesses bigger. To make big waves locally, one should begin with an online presence that matters.

What you get:

  • Zero dependency: Update your business site on your own!
  • Easy to use: Updating website is now as easy as updating a status on Facebook.
  • Local search made easy: Many potential customers around you are looking for information online.
  • Automatic SEO: Your updates are search friendly – automatically!
We believe that our customer knows their business better than an outsider. So it only makes sense that they write about it.

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A business website is a de-facto visiting card that can speak volumes about your business. It serves a greater purpose than a placeholder – it can boost sales, simplify the process of responding to queries, and get businesses discovered.

Author: NowFloats Team