How To Become Your Customer’s Favourite Store In The Places They’re Searching For You

SEO doesn’t just stop at owning a website and optimizing it for search engines.

At NowFloats, we have always focused on online discovery for small and medium businesses. We made it easy for SMBs to manage their online presence with the help of a location based search engine optimized dynamic website. But SEO doesn’t just stop at owning a website and optimizing it for search engines. Presence on third party platforms is just as important. That’s why we came up with the idea called NowFloats Exchange(NFX) which acts as a hub between NowFloats and all other content platforms.

The vision of NowFloats Exchange is to enable discovery beyond search engines. We’ve built this system from scratch with the initial version taking close to 2 months. It initially enabled pushing content to Facebook and Twitter. Early adoption was very low with hardly 5% of our active merchants using this feature within the first 2 months.

That’s why it was important to directly inform the merchants about this feature as well as enable the sales team to educate them. We started with an email campaign which highlights the importance of social discovery and how easy it is to share content to Facebook and Twitter. Later email and push notifications were sent to all merchants who haven’t yet used this feature. This went in parallel with regular internal communication citing the current adoption and engagement of our merchants.

By taking all these steps, we were able to increase adoption to over 20% within the next 2 months. Eventually, this feature became a core part of our customer onboarding.

The next intuitive step was to start showing ROI for the merchants who connected their social accounts. We started building the analytics service which fetches all analytics from the connected platforms. Since inception, we have integrated Facebook, Twitter, and Quikr into our system.

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Around 35% percent of our paid merchant base is using NFX today and around 30% of them are seeing ROI through these platforms. Our focus now is to get the remaining 65% merchants to use this feature.

This has become a frictionless way of enabling omni-channel marketing for SME owners.

As UXMag puts it: “Omnichannel experiences should aim to provide 360-degree engagement between brands and their customers across all channels and touch-points. While many stand-alone websites, social media pages, and apps are strong by themselves, it’s important to remember that a true Omnichannel experience needs to be designed around people and their needs.”

While an omni-channel strategy would mean that a merchant’s brand is visible in every offline and online marketing platform, it is worthy to look for a solution that helps you hack business marketing for multiple channels without multiplying your efforts for the same. NowFloats

Author: NowFloats Team