7 SEO strategies you should try for better results

The field of Digital Marketing is a constantly developing and evolving space. Year after year new techniques of machine learning are adopted and deployed by Search Engines world-wide to deliver better search results. The content that a website presents needs to serve some purpose and be relevant to the user’s needs if it aims to achieve a high ranking. The user’s comfort and ease of operation is being given importance like never before. Keeping in mind the need of the hour, here are some SEO strategies that have stood the test of time and promise to give your brand the visibility, credibility and traffic that it deserves.

1.     Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization

Your end users are no longer limited to using only the old fashioned PC to search content online. All sorts of handheld devices – big and small, like tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, etc. are being used to browse the web. NewTarget claims that mobile usage represents 65% of all digital media time. Have a look at Moblie-First Index which is speculated to make mobile optimization a norm, by 2018. As the bulk of users are moving to mobiles to surf the internet, Google has started giving priority to mobile-friendly and mobile optimized websites and boosts their rank on mobile searches. Here are some tips to make your website mobile friendly.

  • Make the page visually appealing on for smaller screens. The Logo, content, fonts etc all should be mobile optimized.
  • Adjust your page and make it responsive to different screen sizes.
  • Make navigation easy by using easy-to-follow page structures.
  • The page should not take too much time to load, keep it light.

2.     Social Presence

Social Presence results

Content from Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have started to gain more importance on the Search Engine results page (SERP). Google as well as other search engines like Yahoo and Bing index social media content because this kind of content is more accessible and appealing to the regular user. Thus, it is good investment if you collect quality content and post it in social media spheres to gain maximum visibility. A basic example to prove this is when you search for a brand name on a search engine, the top few results besides the original website, are that of its social media pages, because they form the most popular and interactive means for the users to engage with your brand.

3.     Back-linkages

Getting back-linkages from popular, high-authority websites can work wonderfully in your favor. This validates your content as informative, genuine and persuasive enough for these web-sites to include in their online posts. Not only does this send a good signal to the search engines, but also to the general user reading the post where the link to your website is mentioned. The search engine boosts your ranking up the SERP when your web-page’s links are found embedded on other popular pages. Business.com suggests various ways of going about it. The best way is to use campaigning and PR to request links from high-authority websites. Or you can replace dead links on Wikipedia pages with your own links and edit the content accordingly. More information regarding the same can be found here.

4.     Internal Linkages

internal links

It goes without saying that a well organized content will not only impress the visitor but also make them stick around longer. This quality is very important for SEO. A logical sitemap for the website with internal linkages between pages is another valuable tactic. This sitemap is a systematic structure that represents the various pages within your web-site. It offers a system of internal linking that connect different pieces of content together and help direct the traffic on the website. To the search engines, it shows the depth of information available on the website. To the users, it gives access to more knowledge via related articles and collateral information. Systematically organized content will improve the chances of longer interaction with the user, page being shared and thus a higher rank with the search engine.

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5.     Local SEO

Google Adwords Blog claims that 95% of smart phone users have searched for Local Info. It is always beneficial if the search engine knows where you are located and what products or services you have to offer so that your target audience can be narrowed down and increase your online relevance. With the new Google Pigeon Update, local SEO has earned new importance with regard to Search Engine result page listings. To have a local page with Google, Bing, etc.., which contains the name of your business, address, work timings etc is guaranteed to provide you an edge over your competitors. Make sure you have keywords dedicated to the specific location, and alter content to suit the interests of your target local audience. Being listed in the local pages increases the chance of consumer interaction, thereby improving your Search Engine ranking. Consider this example of a local page:

local seo

6.     Long Form Content

When it comes to the nature of content, quality and quantity both matter a great deal with search engines as well as users. Search engines prefer long-form content because it suggests that the topic is most expansively dealt with and can provide the user with the maximum capacity to extract information. Content length of about 2300 words is ideal, however a word count as high as 2450 can successfully attract the interest of search engine users. This is of course, not besides the quality of content. As long as there is no quality, any amount of mindless quantity will not do the trick. It is also advisable to dab in various kinds of interactive content like infographics and videos to maintain the quality of a post.

7.     Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Tech Crunch’s data shows that of all the time spent on online digital media, 52% is claimed by mobile apps. It is no groundbreaking fact today that most of the time spent on smart-phones is dedicated to various applications that have acquired the role of everyday tools of basic functionality. Activities like Shopping, Navigating, Networking, Browsing, listening to music, etc are all performed through the medium of apps that have brought down everyday tasks down to the span-width of our fingertips. We can already see how they threaten to overpower the domain desktop as well as mobile websites. There is no better time than now for businesses to take advantage of this new medium of accessibility and reach out to their target users. This will also ensure that you feature in Google’s organic search results. Feature your brand prominently in the app name and give priority to optimization of the app while performing SEO.

While trends keep changing and will continue to do so in future, these are the few strategies that promise to give you a head start in the digital market today. Your focus at the moment should be to make your website and the content on it more for the benefit of the user, centered on their interests and needs, than what tricks the search engine. Be regular and periodically post fresh and quality content and share it across various social media platforms for more visibility. Follow these steps and you will be rewarded with a higher search engine ranking for sure.


Author: NowFloats Team