6 Little Changes That will Make A Big Difference With Your Content

To work in an arena where content consumption decides the nature and extent of your brand’s influence, no detail is too small to notice. Content Marketing did not come knocking on marketers’ doors yesterday, it has been here for a while and everyone is using it. It is widely accepted now that the way content marketing guides leads down the sales funnel, no traditional advertising campaign can. Yet, now that everybody is using the strategy to their advantage, there is a certain content saturation that is often experienced by the consumer body.

In such a case, it is crucial to understand the importance of the little details, cheats and cues which can help your content stand out from your competitors. Follow the points below to find out what can help you do exactly that:

How much content is too much?

Content lenght

DO NOT create and post content just because you feel you have to fill the daily (or weekly/monthly) quota. Content is king, yes. But keep your posts consistent with quality. Make a post, write a blog, upload a video or conduct a webinar only when you know there is relevant content in your hands that deserves to go out and add value to your customer’s experience. Add some thought to your content and keep it in line with your larger marketing strategy. Contrary to popular opinion, there is no exact word-limit that is perfectly right for your posts. Everything depends on your subject matter, the platform that you’re using for distribution and your strategy. Keep yourself updated with how your customers are responding to your posts and alter your content and strategy regularly to suit their demands.

Pick-Ups from Social Media and Networking Platforms

social sharing

It is an undeniable argument that social media presence gives referral traffic and generates brand awareness. A keener observation into how successful brands are creating user engagement on these platforms can help you do the same for your own company. Use social media platforms to pick user-generated content ideas and turn them into popular branding. Keep an eye on platforms like Tumblr, and Reddit to understand what content is relevant to your target audience in the current time. Use platforms like LinkedIn, Quora and Medium to create native content and widen your reach and influence. Keep your content stream fresh and interesting by mixing the regular posts up with images, videos, call-to-action activities, promotional posts and headlines.

Be Receptive of Feedback

Feedback receptive

The primary function of the content that you put out is to encourage engagement with your target consumers. One way is to have a content calendar and blindly make posts as scheduled at the starting of the month or week, but quite another way is to dip your own two feet in the waters of customer engagement. If you make a post on Twitter or stare a blog on Facebook, or post a video on Youtube, keep a keen sight on how the public is interacting with it, what parts are being appreciated and what parts are criticized. See to it that you are able to address the demands and requirements of your audiences. what changes are required in all future content posts, to ensure that those issues are addressed.

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Increase the visual appeal

Visual appeal

No matter how excellent your content is, if you pair it with a dull looking unimpressive template, chances are a user will bounce even before reading the first three lines completely. There are various paid and unpaid services available online, like Canva and WordPress, that provide inventive ready-made templates and media editing options. You can use them to customize your text or visual posts and add more appealing to the user. Understand the subject matter of your post and design a template around it for best results.

Revisit Keywords

Keyword related content in every post

An extensive keyword research and their rankings with various SEO tools is what you here as an advice regarding blogs. Here’s what you can do more with keywords and take a step ahead. Once you have your keywords in hand, spend some time contemplating on fresh and creative ideas for content that can be created around them instead of forcing those keywords into pre-curated posts. Create blog-posts, FAQs, forum discussions, infographics etc addressing the keywords that you want to rank for. Look for new, alternate keyword opportunities for your business and include them into your content calendar. Keeping your content simple and relevant to your target consumers is the best way to generate leads.

Go Live

It is no secret that video content catches far more eyeballs than written content. If you have never tried your hand at it, now is the time. With smartphones that can substitute for cameras, anybody can create video content anywhere. Many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat allow you to ‘go live’ and address your audiences directly. Besides, if you like sharing small portions of information over an extended period of time, short videos or video-blogs or v-logs can provide you with an excellent alternative to traditional blogging. Videos will certainly heighten your user engagement as long as you keep the content narrative clear, informative and interesting.

Besides all these small pick-up points, the most important advice still remains that you need to keep active tabs on result-tracking. What works well for one business might be disastrous for another. Make up your own strategies and see what works best for you, and then do more of it in that direction. Keep your content relevant, engaging and optimized for whichever platform you’re putting it on to ensure maximum impact.

Author: NowFloats Team