5 easy steps to become developer

5 easy steps to Awesomeness – Amateur to a Full Time Developer

If you think you’re too young to be an ace developer right out of college, think again! Many young devs are more proficient and skillful than their older peers. One way to stand out is to start sooner. Don’t wait till you get a job!

If you are not familiar with any kind of programming, here are a few guidelines and some useful resources to help you start off with.

This post will help you get on towards becoming a developer, a programmer, a coder. The article is not for you if you aren’t ready to dedicate your life to it and make it your passion. Standing out in a swiftly developing market that feeds and grows on innovation requires an insane level of passion from a dev.

Choose where to start:

If you have been told to take the  C++, next Core Java, then Advance Java route to ultimately work for what these languages are used in, it’s time you give the idea a major re-boot.

There is another way around for you. You only need to look at the software applications you use in your daily life. Be it Whatsapp, Amazon, Bookmyshow, or Clean Master(Android app)!

Each of the above-mentioned examples needs a different set of skills. Choose the kind of software you want to make and become a pro at developing them. Aim for one thing first, master it and eventually, you can become an all-rounder, a full stack as they call it!

Broadly, the areas are:

What next:

                 Once you choose a starting language and platform (android app, website, windows desktop, etc.), get started with the links provided against each of them. Each tutorial will guide you through the very basics from the beginner level and does not need any programming skills beforehand.

Spend dedicated time on each of the sections/videos in the tutorials and play with the ones hands-on. Don’t just watch and move on to the next, try something out yourself, carefully follow what is explained in them and try to repeat it in your own time.

When you start to get a hang of it, develop something independently on your own. Build your own app/website or just try to copy an existing one. Aim to match the quality/standard of the one you are copying. Doing things hands-on will give you ample experience and your speed for coding and problem-solving will increase. This is what is required for you to stand out.


  • Stuck anywhere? Google it! And land on http://stackoverflow.com/. The best place where all developers from beginners to professionals find solutions. If you are not able to find what you want, you can even create an account and ask your own question!
  • Be up to date with the industry! Follow technology blogs like:
    1. TechCrunch
    2. The Next Web
    3. The Verge
  • Do internships. If possible, do freelancing. This will add to your experience and would also be a good chance to earn some hard cash!

Author: NowFloats Team