10 Signs You Should Invest in SEO

If you are looking to make your webpage rank better on search engines, chances are that you have heard about the benefits of Search Engine Optimization. SEO has proved itself to be a big game changer in a competitive market for the remarkable return on investment it provides to businesses online. There are various means by which you can invest in SEO:

  • buying paid subscriptions of SEO tools
  • hiring an in-house team to perform SEO for you
  • working with an SEO agency for a section or all of your SEO load

The focus of performing SEO is to find ways to build assets that benefit your business and give your website a good ranked placement on the search engines results page. It is wise to invest in something that is profitable and SEO is right up on the list of things that deserve an informed investment.

Find below 10 signs that call for an immediate consideration for investing in SEO:

  1. Your rankings are dropping

Website Ranking

Search Engine rankings help drive traffic to your website.  If you once had good solid rankings which are now dropping and affecting your business, it is time to get help. To build up a rank takes time, thus there is no time to waste in speculation. If while studying your analytics, you realize that you haven’t made any major changes and yet your rank is going south, it’s a certain sign that you need to invest in SEO.

  1. Users are not able to find the Website on Google

Website Visibilty

Whether old or new, some websites are extremely difficult to find via search engines. There is no advantage in having an excellent product or service if your target customers are not able to find you(website). It could be due to many reasons like perhaps google is not able to differentiate between your website and another more established website bearing a similar name. This holds a lot of potential damage for your brand and calls for an immediate SEO campaign.

  1. People don’t trust the site or business

Trusted Website

Brands emerge on a foundation of trust. It is important for your target consumers to know what goods or services you offer, and you are good at it, in order to build trust. When search engines give you a high ranking, it shows that those search engines, be it Google or Bing or Yahoo, approved your content thereby making it trustworthy. SEO allows for target marketing that can help improve the website’s ranking, thereby earning people’s trust.

  1. You don’t have brand recognition

Brand identity is low

Some businesses become so successful that the name of the company becomes synonymous with the service that they provide. Those proven in the world of business have this common characteristic and search engines love such websites that have an authority in their niche. SEO can help build a brand value by enabling people, who relate to your services, to find you. When you get a trusted patronage from your consumers, your brand value will strengthen.

  1. You have poor content

Quality low Content

Presentation and accessibility matters a great deal in online marketing. Poor content does not mean less informative or unrelated content, even the most creative and thought out content can fail to work if it is not optimized for search engine marketing. SEO can help you enhance the visibility and accessibility of your content by engaging in multimedia – videos, images, infographics, etc., thus fulfilling your marketing objectives.

  1. Your PPC spending is too much

PPC Spending

An SEO campaign works well with PPC (Pay-per-click) strategies when the two are in perfect synchronization. The trick lies in good judgement of when to use which. Although PPC offers instant solutions, it can be an expensive deal that’ll only burn holes in your pockets as competition becomes more intense over keywords or if certain ads are unable to generate qualified leads. SEO on the other hand is a long term strategy that promises organic means of boosting a website’s position.

  1. Your local business is not present on GoogleMaps

Business location on Maps

For small and medium sized initiatives hoping for local business, a lead generated by a localized search on Google can be very profitable. With an SEO campaign, you can enter your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number) information and locate your business on Maps for people to follow. An accurate and consistent presentation will help your business to earn good reviews and the trust of its consumers.

  1. Generating few or no qualified leads

Quality Leads

For every user that visits your website, it is hoped that they perform some desired action, whether purchasing a product or subscribing to a service or voting for an opinion. When the statistics tell that there is considerable amount of traffic but no further action on the website, it means that the users are not finding what they are looking for hence, the rate of conversion then falls and the business suffers for it. SEO can help optimize the website content and the ads to provide relevant information and direct only the most relevant consumers to your page.

  1. Your pages take a lot of time to load

Loading Time

A slow site, limits the visitors and increases the bounce rate as users will not prefer to stay on a page that takes a long time to load. The ideal time for a webpage to load should not be more than 2 seconds. Google gives importance to the time a site takes to load as this can affect user experience. A good SEO campaign can optimize your site to load efficiently with all kinds of browsers and bandwidths.

  1. Your competitors are doing it


In a competitive field like online marketing, it is very important to keep tabs on what strategies your competitors are employing and to stay a step ahead of them. When most online businesses are smartly employing SEO strategies, you can’t sit back and depend on traditional means to run a business. An informed investment into an SEO campaign can help a great deal in giving your business the visibility and success that it deserves.

Although it is believed that having an online presence has become almost necessary to succeed in most of businesses, it’s easy to get the basics of SEO down on your own. What really matters is being able to pick up on the warning signs. The sooner you can identify when to make a solid investment in SEO, the better for your company in the long run.

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Author: NowFloats Team