Monday, 8 August 2016

How To Accelerate Your Sales Innings When You’re 99-Not-Out

Sales got its 99th player on the 27th of February 2015 and this player not only had excellent closing skills, but he was also labelled as Online Black Belt and was positioned as a Level 5 Sr. Sales Consultant. The Rajni of Cochin has ever since been a trusted player to score on the sales charts. This man was promoted at an average of once in 3 months, if this doesn’t qualify as Rajni quality, then we don’t know what does! From Sr. Sales Consultant to Team Leader, from Product Specialist to Sales Manager and now Branch Manager for Cochin; this man has managed to dodge more positions on the hierarchy than Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in the Matrix!

Kannan Kutty is the man who re-defined the process of client servicing in Cochin. When he came in, he was faced with numerous issues which resulted in customers demanding for refunds but having an attitude which says never give up, this man worked with the customers closely to train and upgrade their knowledge about the product and show them the benefits of NowFloats once it is put to use the right way. He put together his own team of product specialists whose main goal was to battle complaints and refund requests. Kannan even dealt with a customer, Dream Kitchen Interiors, who visited the Cochin office every day to demand for a refund; but Kannan believes in fixing what’s broken instead of throwing it away. He made the product better by becoming the product himself- he spent his time training our customer again and show him the best way NowFloats could help HIS BUSINESS, once he knew how to use it. Post that moment, there was no looking back; not only did this customer stay with us, he also renewed with us in June 2016.

From Coimbatore to Cochin, Kannan has handled, trained and mentored various teams while growing from position to position and still believes in working hard. His ideas never stop and his projection for growth keeps him going. During All Hands in Goa he received nothing but good feedback and his work was thoroughly appreciated by the co-founders. “My manager, Soundararajan M, is my pillar of support.” is what Kannan stated upon being asked who supported him the most.

In Kannan’s words: “It has been an awesome experience so far. NowFloats always keeps me on my toes and makes me think what’s next? I remember Ronak saying a few words during the opening of our Chennai branch and I would like to quote him by saying don’t concentrate on the problem, concentrate on the solution. Nobody wants a person who does what he/she is told to do, instead we need people who can innovate and ideate!”

Thursday, 4 August 2016

From 4 to 400 - The Journey of NowFloats!

Flashback to 2012: An unorganized office surrounded by organized chaos, a small team dedicated to achieving a big dream, and all this while having fun! What started off as a dream of 4, today has 400 people believing in it. We’ve become a constitution where people ranging from 18 years old to 38 years old wish to work. Four years later, we’re still having fun!


NowFloats has managed to find the perfect balance between culture and work ethic. We have the culture of a startup but the work ethic of a MNC. From our dev guys dancing to ‘Nagada Sang Dhol’ to having a variety of fresh and healthy fruits in our pantry, from being bowled over by target achievements at the end of the month to having bowling tournaments at the beginning of the week; we’ve found a way strike balance between work and play and that’s what sets us apart. Not only are we growing internally, but we’re also growing our customer base. From 2,000 to somewhere over 2,00,000; we’ve managed to bag a few zeroes in the right capacity. A friend in need is a friend indeed and we’re the best friend every SME needs to expand and grow. 

From the struggle in our terrible twos to the balance in our formidable fours; here’s to reaching terrific tens with a growing family and ecstatic culture.